The Electronic Pickpocket ~

You know how when you’re getting ready to travel everyone has an opinion; a word to the wise tidbit for you?  Mostly, you tend to smile, nod your head and feign interest in what they’re saying.  Today, I was given a tidbit that was awesome, something I had never thought about but will definitely do before we leave for Paris.  But before we get to the tidbit…

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Balinese Festive Rice ~

Nasi Kuning (Yellow Rice)
Shared by:  Simon at:

This recipe is shared by Simon who lives in Australia and also spends time in Bali.  Enjoy!

Simon’s words:  Nasi Kuning is also called ‘festive rice’ because it is served at every festival feast on the island of Bali, Indonesia: the people say it brings luck.  This dish is also often served at birthdays, weddings and other special events.

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Picarones – Peruvian Dessert ~

Lyle’s Words:  Picarones is a Peruvian dessert that originated in the colonial period, and its principal ingredients are squash and sweet potato. It is served in a doughnut form and covered with syrup, usually made from chancaca (solidified molasses).

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Cornwall My Cornwall ~

I met Christine (via online) a little over a year ago, she is a B&B colleague.  She posts, on Facebook and her blog, the most beautiful photos of views from her garden and when you see them, you can’t help but wish yourself there.  She also tells many great tales of their cat, Spud. I invited Christine to share her lovely farm with all of us and I am fairly certain that once you’ve read the following, you’ll add Cornwall to your “must see” list!

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