The Legend People ~

At the risk of repeating myself when I said I was pretty sure Zion National Park was not like anything else I’ve ever seen, I think I have to take it a step further by telling you that it may in fact be Bryce Canyon National Park that takes the prize.  Don’t get me wrong, I fell in love with the sheer magnitude of Zion, but Bryce is another world.

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Flan: Cuban -vs- Mexican

Does anyone not love flan?  It’s smooth, creamy and delicious, right? I received the following two recipes from two lovely women from different parts of the world.  After receiving the recipes, I started wondering about the origins of the yummy dessert.

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All Hallows’ Eve ~

A few days ago in this post, I made mention of the fact that Ashland takes Halloween very seriously!  It rained for several hours today and it was still sprinkling when the parade got under way, but then the storm broke and the rain stopped. It was as it should be!  I use the term “parade” loosely because really, it’s a crazy free-for-all that brings out the whole town in costumed celebration.  At the head of the parade each year is a group of percussionist-playing local citizens who take Halloween to the next level.  Continue reading

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