Route 66

The Iconic Route 66 ~

We were in the tasting room of G.H. Mumm’s Champagne Cellars in Reims, located in northern France, sipping and comparing the lovely bubbly in our champagne flutes when our guide asked us if we knew about Route 66.  “Of course,” we said, “as a matter of fact we’ve driven the route.”  His smiled broadened as he told us that Route 66 is very popular in Europe and many aspire to travel to the U.S. because they want to drive Route 66.

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Route 66: Day 2 Chicago ~

Retracing Route 66 ~

Okay, admit it.  When you travel to a new city you just want to climb on board one of those double-decker, cheesy looking, brightly painted  buses that drive tourists all around the city.  Right?!  Today, was the day.  After wandering Chicago yesterday, we decided the bus was the order of the day.

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Route 66 – Illinois ~

Retracing Route 66 – We’re marking the 5th anniversary of our epic road trip by revisiting our journey ~

Not only had I never been to Chicago before this trip – I had never been anywhere in the state of Illinois and I was about to learn a lot about the state.  When you spend your life in one part of the U.S. you don’t really know what’s going on elsewhere – you know, like I never thought of Illinois as farming country…

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Route 66 & President Lincoln ~

We are remembering our epic Route 66 road trip – driven in July 2008

I am – as I have admitted on more than one occasion – a lover of U.S. history,  (actually pretty much all history) there’s just no denying it.  Call me a nerd if you must, but I believe as a society we cannot move forward if we do not understand how far we’ve come.  Walking in the path of those who came before us, has always held a special fascination for me.

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Route 66: Welcome to St. Louis ~

Route 66:  We are marking the 5th anniversary of our Route 66 trip – driven in July, ’08.

Leaving Illinois in the late afternoon we arrived in St. Louis by 7:30 ish.  I was driving so I couldn’t look too closely but I can still see the image in my mind – that of the arch in the distance and the Mississippi River, two more firsts for us and I remember thinking, “This is where it all started; the westward movement of those who came before us.”

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Route 66: On the Road in Missouri ~

Route 66:  We are marking our 5th anniversary of our Route 66 road trip – driven July ’08

We left St. Louis about 2:30 in the afternoon heading southwest.  We had a difficult time trying to pick up Route 66.  My pal, at the restored gas station, in Illinois was right when he said Illinois has the best signage.

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