Soup Weather ~

I recently wrote about my love of the fall season and all that it entails; such as my favorite cardigan sweater, candles and hot chocolate.  One of my other favorite things about fall, is that it lends itself to soup – soup weather!  One of our favorites is beef barley soup.  I make a big pot and we settle in with a steaming hot bowl of soup, a loaf of bread with some good cheese and a glass of wine, it doesn’t get much better.

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Mesquite Grilled Camarones Brochette ~

I was scrolling through Facebook a few days ago and came across this photo and honestly, my mouth started watering.  I just knew I had to get the recipe up on the blog for all of you!  I emailed the owner of the Hispanic Kitchen website and with his permission, here you go.  Unfortunately, I cannot indulge because I am allergic to shellfish, so please give them a try and let us all know how good they really are!

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Sango – Plantain Stew ~

We had the pleasure of having a lovely woman stay in our cottage for a week.  Through our conversations I discovered she was a chef on a private yacht, which was docked in San Diego during the time she spent here in Ashland.  The yacht travels the world at different intervals and Cat told me she tries to cook, for the owner of the yacht, a selection of local dishes whenever she can.  When I talked to her about the blog, she offered to share the following recipe.

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Pepperoni Rolls & The Miners ~

It’s so great to learn how regional traditions come to be – and this story is no exception.  I had never heard of pepperoni rolls before, but I love pepperoni pizza, so I was thinkin it must be a good thing. This recipe was sent to me by Kathleen, an innkeeper in West Virginia.  She owns and operates The Gillum House.  I love the story behind the pepperoni rolls, it shows the practicality and necessity of the times.

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