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The Hotel Elysee ~

It’s a tricky business to write a hotel review. I mean, think about it.  How much can one say?  There is a room, a bed, bath and hopefully, it’s clean and comfortable with a sense of style. That about wraps it up, don’t you think? But every now and then we come across a hotel(s) with a little something extra that makes us sit up and take notice.  And that’s the case when it comes to the 4 boutique hotels in the Library Hotel Collection in New York City; each offering the finest in accommodations.  Continue reading

A Day at the Library ~

Books.  In a day and age when electronics reign supreme, it’s good to know people still pick up a book.  A real book, possibly even a library book, and not just open their Kindle or device of preference, but rather hold an actual book.  The smell of the pages.  The feel of a faded dog-eared page marking a stopping point. And illustrations. Old-school illustrations with captions.

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New York State of Mind ~

It’s been 15 years since we last found ourselves in New York City; I think we’re a bit over due. So, we’re making up for lost time and we’re heading to New York in just a week from now.  Road Trip! Although, now that I think about it, is it actually a road trip if one rides the bus?  Does a road trip only equate to driving a car on said road?

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Accommodations & The Game of NonRefundable ~

Is It Just Me?

Is it just me or have the nightly rates of accommodations become ridiculously over priced? And what about finding said accommodations? Finding what you’re looking for in accommodations when it comes to location, quality and affordability has become more and more of a challenge.  For those of us who believe planning is half the fun, booking accommodations is fast becoming a royal pain in the arse.

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