Burney Falls, The Thundering Whoosh of Water ~

We pay the obligatory fee at the entrance to Burney Falls State Park, park and step out of the car and it hits us – we’re in the mountains.  What is it about mountain air and the smell of pine trees?  I swear the air has healing power and for me, it always brings about a big sigh of happy.

I can’t help but relax and take it all in, breathing the clean crisp air and if I’m really lucky not only is there the smell of pine, but also the smell of a campfire – is there anything better?  As we descended the trail we could hear the falls before we could see them – such a great sound – the thundering whoosh of water.


Heading down the trail

And as we came upon the falls we did what I’m sure everyone else must do, we ooohhh’d and aaahhh’d and took way too many photos.  Often times I think we should leave the camera in the car in order to give our full attention to what we are seeing and hearing, rather than looking through a camera lens.  But, that would make for a pretty poor blog post, wouldn’t it?!  Instead, I snap a few photos and then put the camera down and purposely take it all in, the sounds, the sites and the changes in temperature as we get closer to the falls.


Our first view of Burney Falls


The 129′ falls have created a 20′ deep pool of water


At the base of the falls – underground springs seep out through the rocks

After taking in the wonders of the falls, we continued down the trail following Burney Creek.


Lots ‘o lava rocks!


Rainbow Bridge crosses the creek


The view from Rainbow Bridge – so pretty!


Climbing back up the trail on the other side of the creek to the top of the falls

Above the falls

Above the falls looking down on Burney Creek

Its probably been at least 25 years since our last visit to the falls, a really long time and it kind of staggers my brain to even write that, but such is life.  It was a lovely return visit and we’re glad we made the effort.  Sometimes, it’s the little extras in life, such as a day trip to California (and going 50 miles out of your way to have a burger) that bring about a sense of adventure in your own backyard – or back road as the case may be.

Burney Falls State Park is next in our series highlighting the Pacific Northwest. To learn more, read here:  http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=455


10 Responses to Burney Falls, The Thundering Whoosh of Water ~

  • Stunning nature! I know what you mean by the camera. I was in the ocean once and the sunset was stunning. I was sad I did not have my camera. My partner said capture it with your internal camera. I did. I continues to last within me 🙂

  • looks so peaceful

  • I too get the feeling that sometimes it would be better not to have a camera with me so I can just absorb what I’m seeing instead of documenting it! I’m glad you did take pics of this waterfall though, it’s awesome – takes me back to some of the epic waterfalls we saw in New Zealand!

    • It is hard to beat the spectacuar scenes in New Zealand – When we were there I remember being in awe for most of the time! The number of lakes and waterfalls in southern Oregon and just over the border into California is amazing, there are so many and they are all beautiful. We’ve been having fun finding and exploring them. Thanks for reading, Amy!

  • that is quite nice and looks fairly easy to hike to. thanks for linking up today
    noel recently posted…Kohala Mountains in Hawaii, Travel Photo Mondays #6My Profile

    • Burney Falls is gorgeous and really interesting to visit because much of the water actually seeps out through the rocks – and yes, it is an easy hike. Thanks for the opportunity to post!

  • The most important thing is that you returned and it sound like Burney Falls still does it for you, Patti. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Marcia recently posted…Jamaica @51: Rice and Peas or the Jamaican Coat of ArmsMy Profile

    • It does still do it for me – it gives me my mother nature fix. It’s an easy place to visit, a little on the small side, but the falls are just gorgeous and if we were campers, we’d enjoy the nice campgrounds as well. Thanks for reading!

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